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Want to learn more about the impact of nutrition on your health or would you like to answer more of your own questions? Here's some great evidence-based resources:

Oldways - Non-profit group devoted to Mediterranean Diet research:


Environmental Working Group - This is where to go to know the latest on your food from which food has unsafe pesticides to knowing what are the best fish to eat from every geographic location & time of year.


Farmer's Market Finder - Want to know where to go to find the freshest seasonal produce in the L.A. area? Check out this tool from the LA Times and get your reusable shopping bags out:


Tufts Newsletter


Berkeley Wellness


Center for Science in the Public Interest Newsletter


Outlive by Dr. Peter Attia - A thought provoking look at the new science of aging and how to plan to live long and strong.

Fast Carbs, Slow Carbs by Dr. David Kessler (former commissioner of the FDA) - Why are we so addicted to highly processed foods? Find out! 

Short Guide to a Long Life by Dr. David Agus - A quick read with everything you need to know about how to stay healthy, make good choices & eat right to prevent cancer. 

The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan - We’ve all heard about it but who’s read it? Try the audio book to hear the author read it and you’ll be astounded at what you learn about how your food arrives on your table. 

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