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Cancer Support Community - Cancer support organization with resources, links & advice on planning your treatment:


Memorial Sloan Kettering/Eating Well During & After Treatment:


Eating Hints during Cancer treatment:


Pancreatic Cancer Action Network - Nutrition for pancreatic cancer:


Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research - Great resources on treatment options, research, and resources from an organization that raises money & awareness.


Mesothelioma Center ( - Expert advice for those managing this rare & deadly form of cancer caused by asbestos exposure:


Cancer nutrition - Managing chemotherapy:


Cancer Care:


Chemo & Breast cancer


Managing side effects:


Nutrition after Cancer:


Nutrition for Cancer Survivors-


Diet & Exercise for Cancer Prevention



Recommended Books:


The Essential Cancer Treatment Nutrition Guide & Cookbook by Jean LaMantia - Fantastic cookbook packed with tips, advice & ways to customize every recipe to address cancer treatment side effects. Completely essential.


The Cancer Fighting Kitchen by Rebecca Katz - Delicious recipes for all cooking levels to address specific nutrition needs.

What to Eat During Cancer Treatment, Published by American Cancer Society - Yummy recipes organized by treatment side effect.

Cancer nutrition - General:

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