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Women have unique needs when it comes to the role of nutrition in our lives and food is rarely uncomplicated.


I work with women in every life stage to identify challenges and harness the power of fresh, whole food to maintain your best state of health and help you get where you want to be.

Women are born multi-taskers which is true when it comes to our issues as well. My patients are almost always addressing more than one hurdle at a time between family, work, and all the many responsibilities which often lead us to put our own health ands wellness needs last.


That's why my focus is solely on YOU and understanding the whole picture of who you are, what you want and what you need. I'll help you identify what motivates you and stands in your way so you can make changes that last. I'm your partner in this process and together we'll take the confusion, fear and shame out of your diet. In that way, we'll use nutrition to keep you fit and strong.

Here's how I can help...

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Health through Nutrition

Do you need help charting your way to a healthy weight?

Do you want to know what changes you can make to your diet & lifestyle to reduce your risk of most cancers?

Did you know most chronic G.I. issues can be addressed through making the right changes to your diet?


Did you know maintaining a healthy weight will not just make you look and feel better, it will help reduce your risk of chronic disease?


Did you know that reaching a healthy weight can even reverse diabetes in some people?

Are you managing:


  • Cardiovascular or metabolic disease

  • Gastrointestinal and Digestive disorders

  • High blood pressure

  • Autoimmune & Inflammatory Conditions

  • Diabetes or Kidney disease

  • Food allergies or sensitivities

  • Any nutrition-related health problem

I can help.

Hormonal Health,

Peri-menopause & Menopause

You may have been suspecting it for years but your hormones are calling the shots! You may be struggling with fertility issues, the challenges of PCOS, or difficulty managing your weight and your hormones are influencing all of it. As you enter peri-menopause and menopause, the effect only gets stronger, but there is something you can do.


Don’t assume a pre & post-menopause weight gain is unavoidable BUT -- don’t expect the same behavior to give you the same results. Adopting a smart strategy & integrating healthy habits all day long is the best way to take the reins and be prepared. Research shows that diet cycling - jumping from one diet to the next - will take a toll on your body and not give you results. Many of your menopause symptoms can be addressed with lifestyle modifications like diet, exercise & stress relief, so don't suffer in silence.


This not time to diet. It’s time to evolve. Arm yourself with the facts, take control of your hormones & make an action plan you can live with.

Here are some ways I can help:


  • Steer you right on meal planning

  • Advise you on the tests to evaluate your health from the inside out - hormones, thyroid, electrolytes, kidney, and liver function

  • Supply you with shopping lists

  • Focus on healthy weight management

  • Help manage G.I. & digestive issues with better food choices

  • Strategize about how to use your exercise program to manage your weight, maintain muscle & change your body composition 

Want to know what you're up against & how to take action?


Download my handout on "Menopause & Your Weight" for more information and then let's get to work!

Download "Menopause & Your Weight"
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©Kate Cohen, 2020


I will be your nutrition partner throughout this incredible journey. I’ll help you create an overall plan for your pregnancy to make sure you feel great & gain the weight you need to keep you and your baby healthy. I'll make sure you have the knowledge, resources & confidence to stay strong all the way through your pregnancy, no matter what your weight status when you start. Here are some ways I can help:


  • Healthy meal planning that meets your needs &  your life

  • Strategic snack ideas

  • Managing symptoms of pregnancy 

  • Addressing G.I. & digestive issues along the way

  • Shopping lists of what to include & what to avoid

  • Ensuring you understand your nutritional priorities for a healthy pregnancy & meet them

  • Stay in touch with your OB/GYN to track any concerns or special needs

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