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I have struggled with nutrition too. I’ve found it confusing, frustrating, challenging and at times, overwhelming. I have bought and read every diet book out there looking for fast answers to the nutritional mysteries, but never found them. Then one day, I found myself taking care of a family member with cancer and had the realization of exactly how critical nutrition can be in staying healthy -- and it has nothing to do with what's in those books. So I made it my mission to learn the science of nutrition from the ground up and learn how to optimize it to get well and stay well.

I earned a Master’s degree in Nutritional Science and completed 2200 hundred hours of supervised practice in nutrition in order to be certified with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. I completed my supervised practice at UCLA/Santa Monica, USC/Keck Medical Center and with Rachel Beller, a Breast cancer dietitian. My focus on oncology and cancer prevention led me to my role at the Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine where I counseled oncology patients and developed programming for patients, staff & the community. Most recently, I have completed certification with Monash University on the use of the low FODMAP diet for managing IBS.


In my private practice, I counsel patients one-on-one to empower them with the knowledge and confidence to make the choices that maximize their health. 

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