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I started my career with the goal of using nutrition to help patients battling cancer. To that end, I am committed to working with patients, their families, and their healthcare providers when facing a cancer diagnosis, fighting cancer or working to prevent its recurrence. This is how I can help:


• Partner with you & your healthcare team to customize an action plan from day one of diagnosis. We will ensure you are as prepared as possible to embark on cancer treatment.


• Optimize your nutrition during cancer treatment. If your nutritional status slips, you are at risk of delaying or missing treatments which means you are not able to fight your cancer. We'll work together to reduce potential treatment delays and speed up your post-treatment recovery. Cancer and its treatment can change how and what you’re able to eat, so I'll help you address changing tastes, decreased appetite and unintended weight changes.


• Finding the right nutrition for a patient undergoing treatment may be very different than a normal diet, and it can vary depending on your specific type of cancer, treatment plan and your specific needs. I can work with you to customize a plan that works for you.


• I will give you the tools - strategies, meal plans, shopping lists & recipes for addressing side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy or any other forms of treatments.


• My resources are always backed by the most current scientific evidence. I also make sure you know how to identify trusted evidence-backed resources when you are doing your own research.

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