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We are in a stressful time in the world and most of us were caught unprepared, trying to figure out the new normal. While some people used this time to cook more, focus on exercise and regroup, many others struggled with finding equilibrium with diet & exercise. If you're not used to eating at home quite as much and didn't already have an accessible exercise program, this may have been a tough time. I have been continuing to see patients via Zoom teleconference during this time which has been a great resource for my patients needing support in staying on track.

I have also been regularly updating resources for my patients and doctors with whom I work, to provide current COVID precautions, as well as information on the nutritional implications of this virus and how you can best stay healthy. 

As always, I am available by phone or Zoom to consult with you on any of your nutritional needs, whether they are related to COVID 19 or continuing health issues. There's never been a more important time to be vigilant about your health and I can help.

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