Avocado oil should be in your rotation

Avocado oil is a great source of heart-healthy poly and monounsaturated fats, Vitamin E and lutein for your eyes, plus it’s got a higher smoke point than olive oil so perfect for high-heat cooking. Many of you out there are already including avocado oil in your healthy diets, but read on for some tips on making sure you're choosing the best option you can.

A study by UC Davis showed that the majority of avocado oils are adulterated with other oils, rancid or simply have a bland taste due to variety & region of the fruit and from the refining process.

Avocado oil can be processed mechanically as in extra virgin or virgin avo oil, or refined further to remove impurities. Unlike olive oil where extra virgin cold-pressed sets the standard, refined avocado oil is still a great option and in the UC Davis study, proved to be the best option for quality. The majority of the extra virgin options didn't pass the quality standards for impurities and were often found to be rancid. While authentic, fresh virgin avocado oil tastes grassy and buttery and should be greenish in color, refined oils should be yellow and almost clear in color. Even good oil can become rancid after a while so don’t buy more than you can use in a reasonable amount of time. Store it in a cool, dark location, so next to the stove may be convenient, but not ideal for the lifespan of your oils.

ConsumerLab did their own independent tests and determined that oils from Chosen Foods and Marianne’s topped their list for purity and taste. The Whole Foods 365 brand made the list for purity (and it’s the cheapest of the bunch) although the taste was weak. Good product for cooking if you’re not looking for a strong flavor.

All things being equal, Olive oil should still be your go-to for medium and low heat cooking, salads, marinating or really most cooking uses. It has the largest body of scientific research behind it showing it lowers blood pressure, lowers LDLs, improves the health of your blood vessels and reduces inflammation. But variety of nutrients is ideal for your body so mix it up. Avocado oil is the nutrient-packed baby sister in the healthy oil family, so keep it in your rotation, just choose carefully! #avocadooil #avocado #hearthealthy

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